How to choose a voltage converter ?

The voltage converter, also called a voltage transformer is a device that converts direct current 12/24/48 V into alternating current 220/230V to supply your household and electronic devices.

How to choose your voltage converter 220/230 V ?

The converter has to be a Pur Sinus, which supplies a stable current of the same quality as that of the source. In fact, the Pur Sinus inverter offers a stable voltage, equivalent to that of a power source. It thus allows your devices to be supplied with 230V.
Choose a Pur Sinus voltage converter, it is more efficient than a Quasi Sinus.

Which power to choose ?

The power in kW or KVA of the devices that you want to connect to it. Be careful to take into account the start up power, which can be superior to its operating power (induction plate, diving unit, watermaker, etc) Good converters have an operating power and a peak power that allows it to withstand the strong start up power.

Then, you just have to identify the devices that will work at the same time !

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By adding up the powers of each one of the devices you will find out what is the total power that you need, taking into account the efficiency depending on the temperature (See the technical sheet).

Finally, you will only have to choose the converter depending on the voltage of your batteries.

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