Our support services

We begin our intervention by studying and analyzing the characteristics of the boat and the usage requirements.

A personalized proposal is then adapted to your project and explained to you

Finally, we carry out the complete installation of the electric or hybrid motor on the boat (motors, propeller, hydro generator, batteries, connections, etc.)

Example of the process to carry out a customer’s project

  1. Study of the characteristics of the boat and the customer needs (assessment of the boat’s energy consumption, navigation program) to choose the right power and the correct installation
  2. Choice of the best equipment (excellence of each part) and budgeting
  3. Customer’s feedback
  4. Order taking
  5. Site preparation: Making of the electrical diagram – wiring diagram – sharing of installation information – planning – management and assistance during installation if it is not carried out by us
  6. Engine delivery: 4 to 6 weeks delay
  7. Installation (1 week)
  8. Certification and approval of the installation by a technician independent of the installer
  9. Sea trials (speed and consumption measurements) and handover to the client
  10. Connection to our remote assistance system
  11. Delivery to customer
McConaghy Frers 57 bateau electrique
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