40 to 50 feet, less than 18 tons Catamaran hybrid

These travel or cruise catamarans offer space and comfort onboard and are well suited to hybrid solutions which will allow you to move from one mooring place to another only with the help of the electric motor while the generator will take over for the long distances.
The space available on the roof and on the davit allows you to install a lot of fixed or flexible solar panels for a lot of capacity.

We recommend the following solutions for electric motors and the autonomous green energy production of your boat :

Electric or hybrid motorization solutions
Solar panels
Other hybrid solutions


OCEANVOLT, 2 SAILDRIVE or SERVOPROP 15 kW electric motors + generator set DC 15 kW

OCEANVOLT offers 2 types of sail drive of 15 kW. The standard SD model and the SERVOPROP (Please read our article about Servoprop). The latter is equipped with a variable-pitch propeller that improves propulsion power by 30% and the regeneration by 300%.
OCEANVOLT sail drives are very light and allow you to gain significant space when compared to a Diesel motor. Their optimized efficiency replaces the advantages of internal combustion engines of 30/40 CV HP.
There is no need to modify the structure because the supports are compatible with the sail drive on the market (Volvo, Yanmar).
With 2 motors, you can produce more than 400 watts by hydro generation with the SD and 1 kW with the SERVOPROP.

From 76,000 euros HT (SD) and 90,000 euros HT (SERVOPROP) with a 17,5 KWH LIFEPO battery pack, 15KW DC generator and chargers.
Not including installation and transport.

Diagram of electric motorization configuration for a catamaran:

Diagram of electric motorization configuration with double SD Oceanvolt
  1. Sail drive motors with integrated controller motor
  2. Motor controller
  3. Control lever
  4. Control screen
  5. LIFEPO 17,5 KWH battery pack
  6. BMS
  7. Power bar
  8. Generator
  9. Quay charger
  10. Optional :
    10a. Solar panels
    10b. MPPT


SD 15 x2 motor characteristics

Power: 15 KW
HP equivalent *: 30-40 CV HP
Revolutions per minute (propeller): 1140
Weight (Kg): 65
Hydro generation: 2 x 200 W at 6 kts
Estimated autonomy :
15 miles electric = 170 miles with 100 liters of diesel
* Consult our comparative thermal power VS electric

hydrogeneration test with Twin Saildrive 15

Twin Saildrive 15 Oceanvolt


Technological advances in terms of solar panels on boats make them almost essential nowadays, whether it is to maintain the charge of the batteries during absences, without having to moor the boat to the dock, or to spread the ever-increasing consumption on board and supply power to the batteries of the electric motor propulsion.

40/50 feet catamarans offer big surfaces for the installation of flexible solar panels on the roof and the bimini and fixed solar panels on the davit. You will easily reach more than 1,5 kWc of power.

solar panel sunbeam touch plus
We offer SUNBEAM products, a Swedish company that produces strongest and most efficient flexible panels on the market

  • 25% high efficiency cells and Rear Contact Technology
  • Anti-slip coating trampling resistant
  • Optimized coating for shaded areas
  • 5-year warranty

learn more :
How to choose your solar panels ?


Take advantage of the space saved with the installation of an electric motor to give yourself the comfort of a generator.

We have selected the sets from the brand Fischer Panda because they are compact, silent and they can be easily integrated into a 48 volts electric motorization system.

The set could therefore supply the batteries and the motor. We recommend the AGT DC with a power of 3 to 25 KW.
FYI: the diesel consumption of an electric motor powered by a generator set is less than that of a diesel motor at the same speed.

  • Almost unlimited autonomy
  • Comfortable electrical equipment
  • Low noise thanks to its cocoon
  • Low Weight
    (Generator + electric motor + batteries) equivalent to a Diesel engine.
generator set Fischer Panda AGT15000
generator Fischer Panda AGT 15000 DC


Integrel hybride motorisation solution

Combining an internal combustion engine and an electric motor !
Nowadays, It is possible to use a diesel motor and an electric motor.

Thanks to the innovative integral solution, the diesel engine recharges the 48 volts battery pack when you are navigating with the motor.
This way, the excess energy of the inboard motor can be used to transform it and store it in the batteries.
This smart technology helps you improve the efficiency of the motor by creating up to 9 kW of electricity without compromising the performance of the motor.

This solution is particularly suitable for owners of catamarans who want to keep at least one thermal engine and for the owners of boats who don’t want to use a generator set.

I often sail with 10% of power (speed of 3.6 knots ) when the weather is nice.
The self-sufficiency last 8h and there is no noise so you can enjoy the paradise! The batteries of my boat give me the following self-sufficiency: power 20% = 5h of navigation at 4.6 knots; power 30%= 3h of navigation at 5.4 knots; power 40%= 1h50 of navigation at 5.7 knots; power 60%= 1h of navigation at 6.2 knots.
When the batteries are discharged, the generator set takes over.

Practical Boat Owner – Voyage 480 hybrid

catamaran Voyage 480 hybrid

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    Electric / Hybrid installations and nautical propulsion systems

    PuissanceImmediate power
    Moteur silencieuxNo noise
    énergie proporeCreate your own energy
    Batterie moteur électrique48V system
    Aucun émission de CO2 ou CarburantZero emission
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